Friday, April 1, 2016


Glynn County lawmakers have figured out a way to fund a new and larger animal services center.   They're planning on adopting a dog tax where every dog is taxed a dollar a pound.

Traffic going to St. Simons Island will soon be getting worse.  A federal mass transit grant will fully pay for the construction of a subway from Brunswick to the island.  Due to the project, starting  next month, the heavily traveled four lane roadway will be reduced to two lanes for at least four years.

A wealthy land developer is planning on opening an outdoor strip club here in the Golden Isles.  The proposed location for the outdoor "Dirty Rug" is near Neptune Park's big whale in the St. Simons Island Pier Village.

Citing a desire to build an athletic powerhouse, local officials have voted to consolidate all high school students into one facility.  Under the plan Brunswick High School will be bought by the College of Coastal Georgia for one hundred million dollars.  Glynn Academy will then become the county's sole public high school after the campus is renovated with several additions being built on surrounding property that now includes several church buildings, historic houses, and a public housing project.

In a major turn on the campaign trail Donald Trump and Ted Cruz got into a physical altercation at a debate last night.  As a result both have withdrawn from the race.  In an emergency meeting the Republican Party has decided to draft Tim Tebow to run against the Democratic Party's nominee.

Due to a binding contract with the S.E.C, former University of Georgia Coach Mark Richt the University of Miami is moving into the conference.  To make room the Bulldogs will have to move to the A.C.C.

Residents in Sterling say they've had enough.  A grass roots movement, upset with the lack of bike paths and playgrounds in the suburb, want to incorporate.  The city of Sterling would include Everett City and Zuta with 341/99 Parker's being used as city hall until a new building can be constructed. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Island's Capetbaggars

I have on many occasions referred to a lot of the Island Incorporation organizers as carpetbaggers.   Please read the latet edition of the Islander news paper and the Saturday, March 25, 2016 edition of The Brunswick News.  The Merriam Webster dictionary defines carpetbagger as a nonresident or new resident who seeks private gain from an area often by meddling in its business or politics.

A central theme to the incorporation move is that we must preserve "the island feel".   OK, but who gets to decide what that actually means?  Here's an idea:  to really back to the "Isand feel" let's knock down everything that wasn't there before 1980.  What year would you go back to?  I have a feeling that we'll get a lot of different answers.

Life here in the Golden Isles is still good.  Let's take a deep breath and relax, while still keeping an eye on those carpetbaggers.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Third World Quality Roads in Brunswick

Why are Brunswick's roads in such bad shape?   The roadways are almost as bad as those in South Carolina.  In fact, there are probably better street conditions in third world countries.  That's serious talk!  With all of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Taxes you would think that we could have better roadways.  Mansfield Street is still a mess!  What's up with that?  Altama still has ruts, 4th Avenue has the worst railroad crossings.  This is a good town to have a shop that does wheel balancing and re-alignments.   We live in a great place and our guests along with us taxpayers deserve better!