Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some random thoughts

Here we go again on St. Simons Island with two issues that will be hotly debated:   paid parking at our beaches and the incorporation of St. Simons Island.   Both topics seem to come up every couple of years.  For the record I am against both.

My first question is how much will it cost us to implement paid parking lots on St. Simons Island?  The last time our County Commissioners brought this up it appeared that we would just be breaking even.   When do write the check for the latest study? Why do you want to spend money to break even?  Doesn't sound like good use of our tax money. 

My next question on parking is how much will cost visitors?   $5?  $10?   I'd rather get an annual pass to Jekyll Island and enjoy a much better beach.   Let's remember, we don't have the best beaches on the East Coast.  The attraction to the Golden Isles is a multitude of factors including beautiful trees, striking marsh views, decent free beach access, and of course great southern hospitality.  

On the subject of incorporating St. Simons Island:  do we really need another layer of government?  I've always thought that when it comes to bureaucracy that less is best!  More government will mean more taxes.   Glynn County is not just going to roll over and give money over to a new city.

Either way you look at these two issues, it'll cost the taxpayers more money if we move forward.  Here's an idea:  let's focus on something that really matters.   Let's work on making the Golden Isles a safer place and better place to raise our children.   A place with less crime, less drugs, less domestic violence, and better success with educating our children.