Sunday, June 24, 2007

Joe Willie On The Shrimpbox: Joe has taken his shrimpbox across town to a new station!

You may have heard the rumors. I am no longer at 102.5 WYNR. I have been hired to do the morning show at Wave 104.1 in Brunswick. I have jumped ship and gone to the other side.
Apparently the other folks have decided to keep "The Morning Ride" as the title of their new show.
That's fine, I'm taking the good stuff with me. You'll hear the "Fishing Report", The Funky Forecaster Leroy Flamingo, Bob from Fletc, The Shrimpbox and a lot of new stuff as well.

Why did I leave? Simple: in addition to doing mornings, I have also been hired as Magic 105.9 and Wave 104.1's General Manager. More money...a new challenge...and no more micro-management from corporate!

I look forward to waking you up on Wave 104.1.


Joe Willie