Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Say No To S.C.A.M.

Say no to S.C.A.M.! 

Our elected officials love acronyms here in the Golden Isles.  We've got SPLOST for the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax and of course BATS for Brunswick Area Transportation System.  That's just a couple that came to mind.  I've come up with a new one to address Glynn County Island's Commissioner Peter Murphy's push to bring back a toll on the St. Simons Island Causeway.  I call it SCAM for Scamming Causeway Motorists.  Dr. Murphy thinks it would a great way to rasie money for much needed infrastructure repairs and support.  Just thinking out loud, here:   don't we already include that on every SPLOST that comes through?  I'm not sure that what he proposes is legal anyway, but it's already got a lot us worked up.  That's why I say no to SCAM.  No more taxes! A new toll is is just that, a tax.  If this passes what's next?  A toll on Gloucester Street traffic?   A toll on the Spur?   Pay before you stray onto Old Jesup?  Where will it end?  It needs to end here...say no to SCAM!