Sunday, December 21, 2014

Random Thoughts Reloaded

What is going on with Christmas music this year.  Are the stores in a competition to see who can play the most obscure songs and arrangements by anonymous artists? I am pretty versed on Christmas music and I'm hearing uncool Yule stuff that I've never heard. Stick to the basics folks!

Speaking of music, after a seeing some of the Holiday Christmas shopping craziness I've come up with an idea for a song:  "I'm too much of a mess to even be in a country song!"

I love to go out and people watch during the holidays.   The stores are packed with people that you rarely see.  The truth is that a lot of these folks only come out a couple of times of the year.  They hit town for Christmas shopping and the 4th of July fireworks.  Don't be surprised that they don't know to act.  It's not that they don't have any "home trainin'", it's the fact that they don't ever leave home!

Since I've been hoarse from recent surgery I've been amused by the number of people that whisper back to me.   Merry whispermas!

Why is that you can always a UHaul place in the worst side of town?  We've two locations in Arco.  What's up with that?  When I lived in Augusta I had to go the Dis-gusta neighborhood to get my moving truck.  Want a U-Haul in Jacksonville? Find the most run down side of town and you're ready to roll!

Nothing says "have a cool Yule" like the Xmas light T. rex on 17 north of the Shriner's hall.  Tell Santa to forget about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.  With the red eyed t-Rex leading the way he won't gave any problems.

 Imagine if we had to eat at buffets like buzzards do at that their road kill feasts.   We would all be fit if we had to dodge fast moving cars and trucks when going to the trough!

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